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Radiant Layer One

Documentation on how to interact with our Radiant Node, as well as information regarding Radiant (RAD) in our app.


Information for miners on connecting to our Radiant Node pools.


Information around using Radiant Layer One as a user with Terraflow.


Information on how to interact with Radiant Layer One as a developer of various different types of apps with Terraflow.

Getting Started


All you need to know to get started connecting to our Radiant Layer One pool.


Miners Getting Started

Radiant Layer One is a proof of work blockchain utilizing the SHA512/256 hashing algorithm. GPU Mining: rad-bfgminer Linux - The rad-bfgminer has support for Ubuntu and Debian distros of Linux. Windows - Loo...

Endpoints and Stratum

Miners Getting Started

Mining on Windows


The GPU's used must be OpenCL/CUDA 11.2+ compatible. Download the latest rad-bfgminer Windows release from the Radiant Blockchain Github.  Extract (unzip) all. Note: You may have to specifically allow the miner program, as Windows (and antivirus programs) w...

Mining on Linux


Mining on Mac and Apple Silicon


Mining on

Miners offers GPU's for rent in the cloud. These can be rented on a reserved basis, or on an interruptible basis. Go to Create an account or login Once logged in to the console, under Account on the left hand menu, enter a public SSH key in the...

Mining With Terraflow Pool™


We offer a pool so that miners of all sizes can pool hash power together to earn network fees and rewards. This usually can mean that though one's machine might not find a block (and thereby get the total amount of block subsidy reward and transactions fees fo...