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Mining on Windows

The GPU's used must be OpenCL/CUDA 11.2+ compatible.

Download the latest rad-bfgminer Windows release from the Radiant Blockchain Github. 

Extract (unzip) all.

Note: You may have to specifically allow the miner program, as Windows (and antivirus programs) will likely block it from running by default. Once you are sure it will not be blocked from running again, proceed below.

As of writing, rad-bfgminer on Windows is easier to run via Command Prompt or Microsoft Powershell. Using one of those, change directory (cd) to the second folder with the name of the Windows miner, rad-bfgminer-win64 (there is one of the same name directly above it, the main folder name of what you downloaded, direct to one folder below it). We need to be directed inside the second radbfminer-win64 folder because the actual miner program file that we want to run is within that folder.

Note: Your path to this directory will look slightly different because your username will vary (where MyName is below, put your username you use locally on your Windows computer), and where your downloads go on your computer may vary, but typically they will be in the Downloads folder in the C: drive. Use the code below as a starting point and change it where appropriate.


Next, run the following command, entering your specific information between the each set of <>:

.\bfgminer -S opencl:auto -o -u raduser -p radpass --set-device OCL:kernel=poclbm --coinbase-sig <enter a one word name> --generate-to <your address>