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Radiant Layer One is a proof of work blockchain utilizing the SHA512/256 hashing algorithm.

GPU Mining: rad-bfgminer

Linux - The rad-bfgminer has support for Ubuntu and Debian distros of Linux.

Windows - Look for the specific Windows build release at the link above. It is possible to build it in Windows with a plethora of additional installs, some may be no longer available or easy to find online, a text file called windows-build lays out the steps needed. The Windows build release is recommended.

Mac - While not yet available for Mac natively, a Linux environment can be installed on your Mac system using Oracle Virtual Box (tm). We have yet to test this and have not heard anyone else having tried it yet.

Cloud -

ASIC Mining: Not yet available, pleiase join our Miners Update List to be notified when ASIC mining is available for Radiant Layer One.